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Poster: A/V Geek Skip Date: Aug 11, 2006 2:17pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Issues with items content?

It could be that the renewals were 'RE'and 'R' was a shorthand.

I guess that "COMMANDO CODY - SKY MARSHALL OF THE UNIVERSE" would be considered a new work based on older material. It has a new title, probably was edited down a little, maybe new music and intertitles, etc. I'm a layman, so I'm not an authority.

Titles can be a problem on LOCIS, especially when a film is part of a series and is listed by the individual chapter name.

I'll pass your suggestions regarding the create page on to the IA folks.

Honestly, we are both on the same team here and I appreciate your (and others) devotion to getting the stuff online. We just have to play by the rules (even though they seem quite unfair).